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Research Paper #4

Friedrichs, K., Bauer, I., Klug, C., Käßer-Pawelka, G., Lotz, K. (2022):

What does the future of personalized nutrition look like?

Results of a Delphi study.

Delphi closing report for the project "Personalized Nutrition"

Because of its complexity, personalized nutrition is possible on many levels. In addition to the physiological dimension, psychological and sociological factors are playing an increasingly important role in the holistic approach. On a societal level, the megatrends of health, digitalization and individualization are driving the development of personalized nutrition. A large number of scientific publications, products and services already exist on the subject. The "Personalized Nutrition" research group at DHBW Heilbronn has been working since 2020 to compile and structure these findings. One of its goals is to examine the future viability of personalized nutrition.

The Delphi study was conducted to answer the question of how experts imagine the future of personalized nutrition and to derive aspects for a future-proof application orientation of personalized nutrition.

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